About our benefits for collaborators

​Because we are interested in keeping them motivated and offering them an adequate work environment, we think about the best benefits for our team and partners.

Training and continuing education program

​La empresa ofrece una variedad de planes de desarrollo profesional para mejorar las habilidades y el conocimiento de los colaboradores, lo que a su vez beneficia a la empresa al contar con un equipo más competente, calificado y actualizado al mercado. Algunos de ellos son:

  • Opportunity to Become a Construction Project Management Specialization. Columbia University.
  • Opportunity to Become a Building Contractor- Florida Residential Building Contractor License.
  • Certifications in various construction courses.

Opportunity to be appointed as PM to lead projects in one of the 12 cities in Florida and benefit from creating your own team

This promotes professional development, having varied work experiences and the ability to adapt to the changing demands of the construction market.

Company-Sponsored Work/Invitation Visas

Americasa sponsors its collaborators so that they can work or travel to the United States after a year of work. Americasa provides a letter of recommendation while each collaborator is responsible for complying with the requirements of each visa, including costs and legal procedures. Visa options that Americasa could sponsor:

  • B-2 visa for temporary tourism trips not related to work or study in the United States.
  • E-2 Investor Visa by Commercial Agreement.
  • H-1B for Professionals with Specialized Work, DOD Cooperative Research and Development Project Workers

401k Plan

The company offers a 401k plan, which allows employees and partners to save for retirement on a tax-deferred basis. The company matches employees' contributions up to 6% of their salary.

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Incentive plans

The company may offer incentive plans to collaborators and partners who meet certain performance objectives. Incentive plans can be based on individual or team performance, and can be awarded in a variety of ways, such as cash bonuses, stock options, or travel awards.

Project Completion Bonuses

Collaborators and partners are eligible to receive project completion bonuses for successfully completing projects. These project completion bonuses are greatly awarded based on the size and complexity of the project.

Participation of the profits

The company shares its profits with employees and partners through a profit-sharing plan. The profit-sharing plan is funded each year with a percentage of the company's profits. Employees and partners are then eligible to receive a portion of the profit-sharing funds based on their salary and years of service.

Stock options

Employees and partners are eligible to receive stock options, which give them the right to purchase company shares at a discounted price. These stock options vest over a period of 2 to 4 years, meaning that employees and partners must meet certain performance criteria to have the right to purchase the shares.